Elvis Graduates to Outdoor Training Leash!

​Elvis officially lost his drag line today. After several days of recalling on a long-line indoors and two weeks of no problems reaching for leash in his pen, it was time to test Elvis. Two days ago I started taking the drag line off in the pen and having him come to get leashed at feeding time. He would wear the leash while eating from hand and then I would take it off, love him up and leave him until next train/feed time and we would repeat. I left the drag line off yesterday for most of the day except when loose in building.


Elvis finds what his nose is for. After 15 minutes of trying to jump in my arms, his inner shepherd started peeking out.

Today he recalled off leash every time in the building without the line. So outside we went with just a 6 foot training lead. Although he spent the first 15 minutes outside trying to jump in my arms, he soon found the pleasures of exploring and was quickly leading the way through the fenced fields.


Ended with sitting in the shade while Elvis laid across my lap for more lovin’. BIG milestone for Elvis!!