Meet Elvis!

Elvis is an 11 month old German shepherd. He is a victim of yet another irresponsible breeder who sold this dog to a woman and her young son who watched the movie Max and thought this would be the perfect family dog. The breeder not only had not socialized this dog, but loaded him in the car with a woman with no knowledge and the promise he would “settle in”. Elvis ended up being closed in the garage while the new owner made a frantic call to the Kramer Foundation the next day terrified of the dog they had just brought home.

With the help of Linda Hamilton, Larry Vanek of Endicott Police and English’s Riverview Boarding Kennel in Greene who kept the dog for a few days until I could make room for him, we got him out. It took us over 40 minutes to catch him at the kennel and this video is the unloading at the Kramer Foundation. After several days of charging the gate growling and snarling, Elvis now meets me at the kennel gate for some lovin’. Follow Elvis through his rehabilitation. Check back for updates!