Since all of our fundraisers are set for the fall, we are looking to set up an online fundraiser to get the last of the work needed to get the outside pens up and GET DOGS IN THE KENNELS! 🐶

The Kramer Foundation is looking to raise $10,000 through the Community Foundation donation system to get the outside concrete insulation done for the radiant floor, level and back-fill, get stone in and get the pens set up. Although we still have work to do to complete wash areas and room walls inside, this will allow us to have a functioning kennel.

Thank you all for your continued support of a new life for so many. The Kramer Foundation is set to take in our 1,000th foster in the next week or two and this facility will make it SO much better for the next 1,000. 💖🐾

Donations can be made by going to:
➡️ www.communityfund.org/donate-now
➡️ Select “K.R.A.M.E.R. Fund” from the drop down list.