Beyond Words!

That’s how proud I am of Elvis! Today was a HUGE day for him. Trip to vet for his first ever shots, neuter, heartworm/lyme test, hip xrays and microchip. My goal was to be able to lead Elvis into the vet’s office on a leash with no struggle and no hassle. I have been practicing a hug restraint with a leg pinch to simulate a shot. My plan was to come in the back door to the scale, walk him part way into the room with his hindquarters out the door, hug him as we practiced and have the tech give him a shot from the hall that he thinks is my pinch. Elvis loaded up at home with no problems, traveled like a gentleman without a word to his travel mates, came out at the vets without a hitch! Things are looking good. Elvis danced through the parking lot trying to get me to play, ran up the ramp and RIGHT into the building before he realized what happened. He looked around, spun on his haunches and bolted for the door… TOO LATE! I had already closed the door.

It was test time for Elvis. I waited for his fight or flight mode to kick in, but he turned back around and headed down the hall to the scale, stepped up and after a small prompt, sat on the scale for an accurate weight. We headed for the room, stopped in the doorway and I hugged him giving the nod to Candy to give the tranquilizer shot. In went the happy juice and, just as we practiced, Elvis thought I pinched him. He didn’t even flinch. Even before meds started kicking in I turned Elvis around where he started investigating the office and approached the vets and staff wagging his tail and licking fingers. With nothing but happy thoughts and a great experience, Elvis sunk down to a deep sleep. By 8:30 AM all procedures had been done and hip xrays look great. At 7:00 PM I returned to a happy, wiggly, kissing Elvis who had spent the afternoon taking treats from Candy and Keitha. He had not one grumble to anybody and posed for pics while he got a well deserved ear massage. Days like this are what keep me going. A HUGE thank you to Broadway Animal staff, with special kudos to Dr Keitha Olthoff and Vet Tech Candy. There is not a better staff ANYWHERE.