WENY: Local Woman Saves 790 Dogs

From WENY News


Julie Lathrop is a retired Chemung County Sheriffs Deputy, she founded the Kramer Foundation in 1998 after she became a school resource and started bringing her Rottweiler to school.

“The kids responded to him almost immediately” Lathrop says.

The Kramer foundation focuses on retraining high energy dogs from shelters and breeder. ”

“We decide weather they are going to be a pet dog, or a working dog, once we decide what they want to do, and where they are going to be best, we retrain the dogs, and donate them to law enforcement agencies are where ever they are going to fit.” Lathrop says.

To date the organization has saved over 790 dogs that would have been euthanized, and all of the dogs are trained therapy dogs.

During our visit Kaya a German Shepard was able to track a single drop of blood on a paper. Another rescue dog was able to track someone in a field with only the scent of there scarf to go on. Rachel Dell originally from Corning, now lives in Cleveland but drove in to adopt a dog from Kramer. She Says that the dog was very silly when she fist met him, but was now totally different.

All Kramer Foundation Search Dogs are certified within the International Police work dogs association and all dogs receive good citizen standing, standing that can actually help a dog live in an apartment complex where dogs typically would not be welcome.

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