Students Donate to Kramer Foundation

Via WENY: HORSEHEADS, NY (WENY) – Middle schoolers in Horseheads got to see what their donation to the Kramer Foundation can help do.

Julie Lathrop, Founder of the Kramer Foundation, visited the Horseheads Middle School Wednesday to demonstration what one of the foundation’s rehabilitated dogs can do.

Members of the Junior National Honor Society at the middle school presented Lathrop and the foundation with $1,000 donation after the demonstration.

Lathrop says every donation, no matter the amount, helps, “People look at is, oh it’s a thousand dollars toward $100,000, but that’s a huge chunk for us. It goes a long way. That’s pens for 2 dogs in a kennel that we can get, once the building gets up and if we get enough of these fundraisers, donations like this, we’re golden. We’ll have our facility.”

Lathrop says they have two more fundraisers this weekend: Pints for Pets on Saturday and Raise the “Woof” on Sunday.