Matteson Family Fundraiser

There are no words to describe the pride I have for our community right now. In the darkest times we see somebody step up and really make a difference. Saturday it was HUNDREDS of people who, in a dreary rain soaked day, shone brightly and came together to show the Matteson family they are loved and supported. From the riders who started out in the rain knowing they were going to get poured on, to the hundreds of donators both business and individual, the face painters, dogs and handlers, craft makers, cooks, servers, cleaners, DJ and so many others just coming together to give a devastated family a few moments of hope and some smiles. The children got faces painted, hugged and kissed the dogs (somebody was enamored with Amita, lol) played in the “sand”, sang, danced, smiled and for a short time were just normal kids again. Thank you Joe Sullivan and the Horseheads Legion for pulling this all together to help this family get through this heartbreaking tragedy. My heart is full 💕💕💕💕