Howlin’ Harvest Party

What a perfectly wonderful day. Weather could not have been better, the view was outstanding and people were again very generous to the Kramer Foundation. Thank you Finger Lakes Distillery for a great successful day that will allow us to put $2,300 towards the kennel panels for the new building. Its closing in on reality, now. Thank you Lisa Cardemone for making this happen. We had a GREAT group of dogs that were the talk of the town and had people saying they’d return to seethese dogs again. Thank you to Joe and Sadie, Barb and Ivy, Deb and Annie, Jean and Emma, Austin and Lacey, Mike and Emmett, Melissa and Lisa, Karen and Hal with Kurzon, Phil and Dee with Rowley and of course my wonder dog who just keeps going all day long, Amita. Also got a welcome visit from Judith Roberts and Remy and Megan Twomey and Mac. Spectacular!!! A HUGE thank you to Darlene Bachman for the never-ending supply of baked goods and gift baskets. Thank you to Joe Dunleavy for the awesome cookies and I am eternally greatful for my sister Laurie Lathrop and her help in every step from loading and unloading to driving me around and manning the tables. I could not do this without her. Thank you all again