Hands for Heroes Flags

As part of the summer’s Paw It Forward kindness campaign, Hands for Heroes flags were made to be donated to the Bath VA. Throughout the summer our community’s children added handprints as a symbol of holding onto history so we never forget the sacrifices given and also a symbol of hands of the community supporting these Veterans as they continue through life. Over 500 handprints covered these flags with messages of thanks and love for our soldiers. Stars of one flag were made up of pawprints to honor the military dogs who gave their lives and those that still serve, along with the prints of the dogs and handlers that assisted with our programs and visited our Veterans. Senator Tom O’Mara visited some of the sites this summer and learned what the kids were doing. He got to visit and thank the kids before they donated the flags to the Veterans. Kids from Glove House spent hours making the flags as well as making and painting corn hole boards for the Vets. Today Kim Stanton with Roadie and myself with Amita were able to join a group of kids that have been involved this entire summer in a trip to the Bath VA to donate all the items. We were met with a VERY appreciative group of Veterans who embraced these young people and were very moved by their dedication to them. The most moving part was when the kids asked if it would be ok to shake these Veterans’ hands. Each of those young men and ladies, on their own, moved around the room and shook the hand of every single Vet and thanked them for their service. I’m not gonna lie……I got leaky. I think we’ll all be ok 💖💖💖💖