From Victim to Victor!

From victim to victor!!! Franklin was the victim of a family who’s little girls loved small puppies. Dad did not like dogs but wanted to please his girls so he would get them a 6 week old puppy for them to play with, but it wouldn’t be allowed in the house.

Crated in the yard at night and tied to a tree stump during the day until the novelty wore off at about 6 months old when the pup was either dumped somewhere or relinquished to a shelter to be replaced with a new little puppy. Franklin was a lucky one as the family heard about Deep South Canine Rescue and turned him over to them.

So, in came Franklin with no manners and no social skills, but Jackie Page saw a gem in him. Due to his out of control behaviors Franklin wasn’t getting any interest. So Jackie packed him up and sent him on his trip from Georgia to New York and the Kramer Foundation where he proved to be a quick study with a dynamite personality. Enter the Kilroys who, unlike Franklin’s old owners, were life long dedicated dog owners who had lost their dog and were longing for a family member to join their home. “Killer” met Franklin at one of our fundraisers and it was love at first kiss. Dad traveled from Buffalo to Horseheads every week to attend classes with Cheryl Runyan of Dog Is Good to continue Franklin’s education. I’d say its a pretty good match!!!!

How can we make this happen for EVERY throw away???? Thank you to the Kilroys for Franklin’s furrever home